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Our Animal Stencil Pages include all different types of Stencils of various animals. On Page 2 we have stencils of Soaring Eagles, Baby Elephants, and Horses. There's lots of animal pages, so if you don't see it on this page, go to the next. Browse the Animal Stencils and take what you need.

Eagle Stencil - Free Soaring Bald Eagle
Eagle Stencil - Free
Elephants Stencil - Free Baby
Elephant Stencil - Free African

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Elk Stencil - Free Bull Elk
Fox Stencil - Free and Sly
Giraffes Stencil - Free Momma and Baby
Great White Shark Stencil - Free Predator
Hippo Stencil - Free Hippopotamaus
Horsman Stencil - Free
Horse Rider Stencil - Free Lady Jockey
Horse Tamer Stencil - Free
Wild Horse Stencil - Free Horsey
Killer Whale Stencil - Free Shamu

Animal Stencils Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Can't find the Animal Stencil you're looking for??? Email Us and let us know what stencils to add!