Stencil Tutorials: Making a Multi-Layer Stencil - Part 1


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Creating a 3 Part Multi Layer Stencil using Adobe Photoshop:

In this tutorial we show you step-by-step how to create a nice 3 part multi layered stencil from a photo you might have. Here we take a photo of Muhammad Ali and turn it into a 3 part Stencil. (7 Steps, 3 Parts)... Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Download the Source File Here.

Step 1: Clean the image.

First, use the Crop tool to define the area of the stencil, click and drag the box, then double click the inside.

Using the Erase Tool , erase any part that you don’t want in the stencil. It’s a good idea to zoom in for this.


Step 2. Adjust the Contrast.

For this image, the shorts for Muhammad Ali are just too bright, so I selected them and (using Image> Adjust Brightness and Contrast) brought down the brightness and brought up the contrast.

Then, I unselected the shorts and adjusted the brightness/contrast for the entire image. You don’t want to do 100% contrast just yet. (Brightness -29, Contrast +80)

Step 3. Convert the file and set layers

Go to Image>Mode>Grayscale. If it asks to Flatten The Image, don’t do it at this time.

With the image in grayscale, go to Filter>Artistic>Cutout.

Depending on how many layers you want, this is where you edit it. We only want 3 layers.

To make it easier to cutout, we only need an Edge Fidelity of 1 and an Edge Simplicity of 2.

We now have our image down to only 3 colors, next we need to create stencils for each of those colors, Black, Gray and White..

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