Stencil Tutorials: Making a Multi-Layer Stencil - Part 2


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Creating a 3 Part Multi Layer Stencil using Adobe Photoshop: Part 2

In this tutorial we show you step-by-step how to create a nice 3 part multi layered stencil from a photo you might have. Here we take a photo of Muhammad Ali and turn it into a 3 part Stencil. (7 Steps, 3 Parts)... Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Download the Source File Here.

Step 4. Create the Black Layer.

At this point, we should save our File as a .PSD or photoshop format. After you have saved the file go to Layer>Flatten Image. Now, save this file as the black layer. You can also save this as a .JPG.

Select the Magic Wand Tool and select the Areas outside the body (The areas you erased before). Tip: Hold down the SHIFT key to select multiple areas.

After you’ve selected the outside areas, go to Select>Inverse. Now, go to Edit>Fill (Shift+F5). Select Black from the Pulldown menu and Hit OK.

You now have your Black Layer.

Re-Save. If you want to save ink, add the outline filter. Go to Filter>Stylize>Find Edges. Re-Save. DOWNLOAD THE BLACK LAYER

Step 5. Create the Gray Layer

Re-Open the .PSD image you saved earlier. Flatten the Image (Layer>Flatten Image) and Save the image as gray.JPG. First, Use the Eye-Dropper Too l, and select a Gray Part of the image. This sets the Foreground color as Grey. Now, Using the Magic Wand Tool , select a White area (The Tolerance should be around 25). Now, right click and select “Similar”.

This selects everything that is white. Now, Hold down the Alt key and dis-select the area outside of the body (and in between the legs). We want to fill all the white areas of inside his body so they are Gray. So go to Edit>Fill> and in the Dropdown Menu, select Foreground Color and hit OK.

Now, select the Magic Wand Tool again, adjust the tolerance to 50. Select a Black area, the right click and select “Similar”. Now go to Edit>Fill and select White from the Menu. Click in a blank area to disselect. Now go to Image>Adjust>Brightness and Contrast, Move the Contrast Slider up to 100%. And the Brightness one to around 25%. As you notice there is a lot of thin strips of black and also some “Islands” of white. We don’t want any white areas completely surrounded by black, we have to use the Eraser Tool and clean these areas up, as well as the thin strips of black.

Some Islands may be too far away to draw a line to, just ignore these for now. After you’ve cleaned the image up a bit, use the Magic Wand tool and select a white area. Right click>Select Inverse. Go to Edit>Fill and fill the area in with Black. Click in a Blank area to deselect. Re-Save the Image.

Save ink and create the outlines…. Filter>Stylize>Find Edges. Re-Save. DOWNLOAD THE GRAY LAYER

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