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Creating a 3 Part Multi Layer Stencil using Adobe Photoshop: Part 3

In this tutorial we show you step-by-step how to create a nice 3 part multi layered stencil from a photo you might have. Here we take a photo of Muhammad Ali and turn it into a 3 part Stencil. (7 Steps, 3 Parts)... Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Download the Source File Here.

Step 6. Create the White Layer.

Re-Open the .PSD image you saved earlier. Flatten the Image (Layer>Flatten Image) and Save the image as white.JPG. Use the Magic Wand tool, and select the area outside of the body, and fill this image with the Gray Foreground.

Now, use the Magic Wand to select some of the black, right click>select Similar. Fill this selection with the Gray Foreground as well.

Next, use the Magic Wand and select the white area, right click>Select Similar. Go to Edit>Fill and fill it with Black.

Next, go to Selection>Inverse and Edit>Fill and fill it with White.
Click in a blank area to deselect. Just as we did in the previous step, we DON’T want any white islands, so use the Eraser tool and connect them with other white areas so that everything that’s white flows into each other. If the island is way-out in a sea of black, then just leave it alone. REFER to Step 5. After you’ve cleaned the image, Adjust the Brightness & Contrast and move both sliders to 100%.

Re-Save. And to Find the Outlines… Filter>Stylize>Find Edges. Re-Save. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE LAYER

Step 7. Layer the stencils to create the Multi-Layer Stencil.

Now you have 3 separate stencils. The Black is the Bottom Layer, the Gray is the second Layer, and the White is the Top Highlight Layer.

You should allow 15-20 minutes for each layer to dry before adding the next one. Spray Paint the Stencils on a Different Color Background to give it that Pop-Art Look.

Download the .PSD This is the Adobe Photoshop Format, Right Click> Save As

Download all the Layers in .PSD format This is the Adobe Photoshop Format, Right Click> Save As

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