How to EASILY re-size the Stencils


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How to reduce or increase the print size of stencils

Be sure to use Internet Explorer as your browser. Go to the stencil of your choice and click on it. In your browser you should ONLY see the stencil. Next, go to "File" in the menu bar, then "Print Preview". This will bring up the Print Preview Window. In the menu bar of the Print Preview window there are a few options. One is a Drop Down Menu that is set to a default that says "Shrink to Fit" . Click on the Down Arrow for this menu. You can now see more options ranging from 30% to 200%. 30% makes the stencil very small and 200% makes the stencil so big it goes off the page. You can even type in a custom percentage if you need an exact number. The Icon on the far left of the Print Preview Page will print off your newly adjusted image size, or you can just hit Alt+P.

Other options: If you have access to a Copy Machine, you can make adjustments there. In my opinion, this is the best option for making a one page stencil into a larger stencil that takes up 2 or 4 pages.

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